touch button

Capacitive touch-buttons are characterized by the robust construction. They are vandal-proof ,possess the protection class IP67K, have a long durability and also a high operater comfort.Available is a hygiene version for the food industry. There is no definition of the force required to actuate the switch needed. Even when they are installed its possible to change by a software interface the various parameters such as Sensitivity, time delay, switching output, etc.  There are 30 standard symbols available. On request we can provide customer related symbols.
A distinction is made between the mounting diameter 22mm and 46mm.
touch button with LED 22mm 5pole
The status indicators (LED 1+2) for the opened or closed circuit output is only is only selectable externally by an PLC or similar.
In the selection of LED colors is observed: 
  • LED 1 + 2 can be exclusively controlled externally.
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